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Words of Significance! Greetings ladies and gentlemen, this is SirTwiggy! I am a Eastern Canadian living in the UK and my passion is survival games! I spend most of my time on streaming games such as Project Zomboid, NEO Scavenger, DayZ, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, The Long Dark, and much much more! My life's ambition is to become a full-time content creator with a special focus on Indie and Survival titles! Nothing makes me happier then to support earnest developers and see their creations flourish!

What makes me stand out?

My approach to streaming is educational, respectful and interactive, and has earned our community the attention of the developers of Project Zomboid, and other developers, who have become regulars in chat! The last time I journeyed to England upon the invitation of fellow streamer Sacriel (and Shannon), we went to the UK gaming convention called Rezzed and I was invited into the Twitch livestreaming booth to show off Project Zomboid with the devs! Then, upon a very successful presentation to over 2k viewers in the Twitch chat, I was invited back by the creator of Luftrausers to host another interview! An important aspect of streaming to me is that we all make a very good impression on indie developers who are learning that streamers are a great resource for the success of their game. Why? Because this gives US - the players - more interaction and voice in the development of our favourite titles and brings all sides of the gaming industry closer together!

Why I moved to the UK

Newfoundland is rural and remote. My opportunities were being stifled by my location. After I visited the UK, I fell in love with this country and its gaming opportunities and decided to move here! Over the past 8 months, I have been working 50-60 hours a week and saving so that I could afford to move here (at a temporary cost to my stream schedule). I recently arrived in the UK and immediately began streaming every day! I commit to stream 6 days a week and working hard to further establish our channel in the Indie gaming scene, the UK streamer community and at events.

The People Behind The Streams

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